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Account Settings. Settings

In the section “Account settings” - “Settings” you can specify account name, upload your account logo and the favicon for account, select the main language.
22 NovemberGetCourse Support

How to Set Up Your Own Payment Method?

In addition to the payment systems we offer, you can add your own payment methods by writing detailed payment instructions for users. The created methods will be visible to users when paying for the order.
10 MarchGetCourse Support

How to Set Up a Name of Mailing Sender and Return Address?

You can set the name of the account that will be displayed in the account header on system pages and in the name of the sender of mailings and notifications.
1 MarchGetCourse Support

CSS Basics for GetCourse

In a situation where standard content styling capabilities are not enough, CSS comes to the rescue. It can be added to both the pages you created and the system​ ones.
1 MarchGetCourse Support

How to Give to Administrator Rights for Account Set Up?

Administrator is a user who have all rights except access to account settings by default. To let him set up an account (to add domains, to adjust email, to make integrations with payment systems, etc.) account owner should grant him relevant rights.
1 MarchGetCourse Support

How to Add Confirmation of Consent to the Offer or the Terms of Personal Data Processing in All Forms?

In the “Profile” - “Account settings” - “Settings” tab, you can check the confirmation checkbox: this checkbox will automatically appear in all your forms for unauthorized users.
1 MarchGetCourse Support