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How Can I Grant Additional Rights for Employees?

You can grant your employees different rights according to their functions
10 MarchGetCourse Support

How to Set Up Employee Notifications Through the Process?

There are cases when you need to send a notification to an employee about a specific event in an account. The block operation in the processes “Notify an employee” can help with this.
4 MarchLiliya Masagutova

How to Add an Additional Teacher to the Training?

This article explains how to add teachers to the training, as well as what rights and restrictions can be set for them.
1 MarchLiliya Masagutova

How to Add Employees and Administrators

If your database still doesn’t have a user who you want to assign as an employee or administrator, then you can assign a relevant type to him when adding him.
1 MarchGetCourse Support

How to Assign an Employee as a Manager for Work with Orders?

Two ways to give an employee manager rights.
1 MarchGetCourse Support

What Is the Difference Between Employees and Administrators?

Employees and administrator are workers with different rights and functions
1 MarchGetCourse Support