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Contact form is one of the most important blocks of a builder, because users register in your project, subscribe for mailing, create orders with the help of this very block. In order to create a form on a page go to “Form” section and choose the needed form: regular form, form and column, button or ...
1 March 2021GetCourse Support

How to Add Confirmation “I am not a robot” (CAPTCHA) to the Form?

You can add a confirmation “I'm not a robot” (CAPTCHA) in any of your registration or order forms. This feature will reduce the number of spam registrations. However, it will inevitably reduce conversion, so we don't recommend using it unnecessarily.
1 March 2021Anna Andreeva

Offers Terms

The “Offers terms” form element is used to display the terms of offers with cohort on the form: the dates of the cohort, the location of the cohort training, and the name of the cohort teacher.
1 March 2021GetCourse Support

Conditional Offers

The element of the “Conditional offer” form can be used when it is necessary to display in the offer form depending on the fulfillment of any conditions or a set of offers with certain settings.
1 March 2021Liliya Masagutova

Feedback Form

This article explains how to create a feedback form on GetCourse.
1 March 2021Liliya Masagutova

How to Make an Offer with a Custom Price

The user decides how much to pay for the offer or how many products to purchase.
1 March 2021Liliya Masagutova

HTML Code of the Form in the Widget

How to connect an HTML code for a form and what is it for.
1 March 2021Liliya Masagutova

Is It Possible to Place a Sales Form for Purchasing the Next Level Right in the Training?

Yes. To do it you can select the place on the page where you want to add the form and click “Add block”.
1 March 2021GetCourse Support

How to Customize the Display of a Sales Form on a Page by Timer

You can customize the display of a sales form on a page by timer. In order to do this you need to add a form to the page, make a block with a form pop-up and add a "Timer".
1 March 2021GetCourse Support