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How to Export Payments Data to CSV

Detailed description of exporting payments data to a .csv file.
10 MarchAnna Andreeva

How to Proceed Payment for Referral Commission?

You can proceed a payment for a commission to a partner who attracted new customers to your account. All payments are performed without GetCourse participation, i.e. all calculations with partners you carry out on your own in any convenient way (for example, with usage of bank transfer).
1 MarchGetCourse Support

Payment Segments (List of Available Fields for Segment Formation)

A complete list of fields for creating a selection of payments with the necessary conditions.
1 MarchLiliya Masagutova

How to Transfer a Payment from One Order to Another?

In order to transfer a payment from one order to another, you need to open an order, go to a specific payment and change the order number to a new, correct one
1 MarchGetCourse Support

How to Customize a Default Purchase Page?

In order to customize a system purchase page you need to choose “System pages” section - “Order payment” in “Website” menu.
1 MarchLiliya Masagutova

How to Get a Refund from GetCourse?

You cannot make a refund from GetCourse. You can make a refund from the payment system where the payment was made, and in GetCourse, change the payment status to “Refunded”, and the order status to “Canceled”, “False” or “Pending refund”. Don't forget to click “Save”.
1 MarchGetCourse Support

How to Add a Manual Payment?

Do you want to make a payment for an order? Click "Add payment", specify the payment type and status, and save the order status.
1 MarchLiliya Masagutova

What Does the Payment Page Look Like?

You can see how the payment page for your account will look like in the “Website” - “Pages” menu by selecting the “Order payment” page in the “System pages” section.
1 MarchGetCourse Support

What Fee does GetCourse Charge for Accepting Payments?

GetCourse does not charge fees for accepting payments. You will receive the amount transferred to you by the students strictly in accordance with the tariffs of the selected payment system.
1 MarchGetCourse Support