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What Happens if a Process Is Already Launched While Changes Are Being Applied to the Process?

You can change something in already launched process. In some situations, you need to restart the process after making changes in order to correctly process tasks that have already been created.
10 MarchLiliya Masagutova

How to Use Different Types of Blocks in Processes?

When creating a process different types of blocks can be used. Each has its own settings and is used for specific purposes.
10 MarchLiliya Masagutova

Which Type of Verification Should I Choose?

You can choose the following options to entry a process and bulk task creation...
10 MarchLiliya Masagutova

Counters in a Process

Counters is a useful tool to limit actions performed within a process.
1 MarchGetCourse Support

Task History. How to Check on Which Stage of a Process a User Is?

In order to check on which stage a task for a certain user are, you need to go to user’s profile. You will see tasks for all processes, which have been performing for this user there.
1 MarchLiliya Masagutova

How to Use Variables in Process Correctly?

It is very important to use this syntax so that variables are displayed correctly.
1 MarchLiliya Masagutova

How to Specify an Input Condition?

In order to let an object to get into a process, you need to specify an input condition. Set of input conditions differs for different objects (users/orders/purchases/).
1 MarchLiliya Masagutova

Can I Copy a Process?

Required actions to create a copy of the process.
1 MarchLiliya Masagutova