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Logical Operators “AND”, “OR” and “NOT”

The article discusses situations of using logical operators: “AND”, “OR”, “NOT”.
10 MarchAnna Andreeva

Preset User Segments

A segment is a dynamic selection of data. You can create user segments with the necessary conditions by yourself or use ready-made (preset) segments. Lets look at the preset segments and their conditions.
1 MarchAnna Andreeva

Payment Segments (List of Available Fields for Segment Formation)

A complete list of fields for creating a selection of payments with the necessary conditions.
1 MarchLiliya Masagutova

Segments by Orders (List of Fields Available for Segment Forming)

A complete list of fields for forming segments by orders.
1 MarchLiliya Masagutova

What is a Purchase?

How purchases differ from orders and why they are needed.
1 MarchLiliya Masagutova

How to Create a Constant Selection?

If you want to create a constant selection by users, which data won’t be changed further, then create a group and add users to this group.
1 MarchGetCourse Support

What Are Segments?

A segment is a dynamic collection of objects selected by a specific condition (in fact, it is a filter that selects all objects that match the specified condition).
1 MarchLiliya Masagutova