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How to Add an Additional Teacher to the Training?

This article explains how to add teachers to the training, as well as what rights and restrictions can be set for them.
1 MarchLiliya Masagutova

Answers Feed for a Teacher

The “Answers feed” is the section that contains the answers and comments of the students. It is convenient for teachers to use it to check tasks in trainings.
1 MarchGetCourse Support

How to Assign Teachers Who Can Answer the Tasks in the Training, But Cannot Edit It?

You must assign this teacher as an “Additional teacher” in the training settings and enable the option “Prevent additional teachers from changing Training and Lessons”.
1 MarchGetCourse Support

How to Assign a Responsible Teacher? (Personal Mentor)

A responsible teacher is a personal mentor for a student who conducts individual work with a student in training. In GetCourse, it is possible to distribute all the students of the training by mentors and make sure that the mentors see only their assigned students in the answers feed.
1 MarchGetCourse Support