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Viral Script

Viral script allows users (students) to attract new users to register in an account using a referral link.
10 MarchAnna Andreeva

How to Create a Questionnaire? Which Types of Questions Can Be Used?

When questionnaire creation you can use different types of fields: a line, a text, yes/not, choice...
10 MarchGetCourse Support

What to Do if the User Cannot Find a Letter in the Mailbox?

If the email address is correct and the letter is “Delivered”, then the user needs to find the letter in his mailbox.
10 MarchGetCourse Support

A Letter For Those Who Did Not Participate in the Webinar

Keep in touch with users who didn't attend your webinar.
10 MarchAnna Andreeva

Logical Operators “AND”, “OR” and “NOT”

The article discusses situations of using logical operators: “AND”, “OR”, “NOT”.
10 MarchAnna Andreeva

Actions with Users

Each user’s profile has an “Actions” button, with which you can perform a specific action with this user (for example, create an order or add to a group).
1 MarchAlexey Makshin

Preset User Segments

A segment is a dynamic selection of data. You can create user segments with the necessary conditions by yourself or use ready-made (preset) segments. Lets look at the preset segments and their conditions.
1 MarchAnna Andreeva

Users Import

If you already have your own users base, you can add their data to your account.
1 MarchGetCourse Support

How to Provide the User with Free Access to Paid Training?

There are several ways to solve this task: providing access for group, change the price of the offer in the user's order, or create a new offer with zero cost.
1 MarchLiliya Masagutova