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How to Set Up Access to Support Departments?

To open access for an employee to the support department, indicate it as an operator - this will allow you to respond to users tickets in this department.
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How to Configure Priorities of Technical Support Departments and Request Response Time

When working with different departments of requests in the “Inbox” section, you have the opportunity to set priorities and the desired response time to a request. Priorities will help you sort the list of incoming messages and tasks in ascending order (from most to least important).
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Working with Department Emails

Who can view the department mail and who can answer it.
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Is It Possible to Create Internal Departments That are Not Accessible to Users?

You can create internal message departments that are inaccessible to users. It can be used to redirect messages between employees and increase the efficiency and speed of processing tickets.
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How Can the User Select the Desired Department?

In the “Messages” section, the user, when forming a new ticket, can choose the department to which to send his request.
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Is It Possible to Create Multiple Branches for User Requests?

By default, the system has a general support department. You can configure your additional departments to redirect user requests depending on the topic of the ticket.
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