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What Is an Achievement Scale of a User?

“Achievement scale” is a feature that allows scoring of points to a user. There is no limit on its quantity. You can specify “Badges” inside the scale - it is rewards that are given upon achieving of some certain number of points.
28 MayGetCourse Support

Tasks in the Lessons

For each lesson, you can create your own custom task, which the student will perform. This can be configured in the “Task and comments” tab. In order for you to open the fields with settings for tasks, you need to add a check mark that “There is a task in the lesson”.
27 MayGetCourse Support

Common Mail Service Errors

Analyzing errors when message is not received by the user
15 FebruaryAnna Andreeva

How to Use System Fonts on Website and Blog

You can use different system fonts for text formatting in your GetCourse account. Depending on a goal, you can apply them to the whole website and blog, or to separate pages, posts to blog and to blocks on pages.
12 FebruaryMaria Vladimirova

Themes: how to change the design of trainings or account pages

Themes are used to customize the design of the account or separate courses and pages. In the themes settings you can add CSS and JavaScript code, connect fonts from the Google Fonts collection.
12 FebruaryValentina Dmitrieva

How to set up Developer accounts

To create a white label application, you need to set up developer accounts and get the keys that will be used in the application builder.
29 JanuaryMaria Vladimirova

Mobile Pro functionality in application

GetCourse mobile application allows your students to study from their mobile devices: watch lessons and leave comments, provide answers to to the tasks, and contact the support of your online school as well.
12 JanuaryJulia Kolomiets

How to prepare application for publishing

White label application is a standard GetCourse mobile application released in online stores with your own name and logo.
11 JanuaryJulia Kolomiets

Conducting Webinars via GetCourse

On GetCourse in the “Website” section there is an opportunity to conduct webinars without the participation of Youtube - through our own broadcast service.
17 June 2023Anna Andreeva

How to Create a Stream Using ZOOM

Use ZOOM for a webinar with several speakers
17 June 2023Anna Andreeva