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How to Set a Strikethrough Price in a Form/Widget?

How to attract customers with discounts
11 May 2023Alice Sov

How to Give Access to the Training On Purchase

When you sell courses, it's important to ensure that your content is only accessible to those who have paid for it. The user will get access after payment if you set up access to training on the purchase in GetCourse.
11 May 2023Alice Sov

How to Give Access to the Training by Adding to a Group?

In order to open access to the training for a certain group of users, you need: go to the training, open the “Access” tab. Here you can indicate the groups of students who will have access to the training.
11 May 2023Alice Sov


An editor for mailings in GetCourse is a builder (constructor). It works similarly with a tool used for pages creation. Titles, images, text blocks, buttons, columns - all of that look like blocks which you use to compose a letter.
11 May 2023Alice Sov

Test Drive Lessons

You can provide users with individual training lessons for a test drive - by opening selective access to some lessons. These lessons can be offered as a mini version of your training.
10 May 2023Alice Sov

How to Set Up Auto Issuing of Certificate?

In GetCourse you can set up auto issuing of a certificate after he passed a training. You need to customize appearance of the certificate and indicated criteria of training completion.
10 May 2023Alice Sov

Anti-Pooling Protection

GetCourse offers anti-pooling protection - situations where several participants are jointly splitting a cost of a product, and then one participant shares his access with others.
1 May 2023Alice Sov

Integration with Stripe Payment System

The article describes the procedure for configuring the integration of the Stripe payment system with the GetCourse platform.
1 May 2023Liliya Masagutova

General Information About a Training

Training is a structured way of delivering teaching material that you want to convey to your students. All of your courses, webinars, lessons and other materials can be implemented in the form of trainings.
26 April 2023Alice Sov