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Integration with Stripe Payment System

The article describes the procedure for configuring the integration of the Stripe payment system with the GetCourse platform.
1 MayLiliya Masagutova

General Information About a Training

Training is a structured way of delivering teaching material that you want to convey to your students. All of your courses, webinars, lessons and other materials can be implemented in the form of trainings.
26 AprilAlice Sov

How To Create a Page?

You can create a page (landing page) in the "Pages"section. When creating a page, you can specify its name and the address to open the page at. After creating a page, you can edit it using the page Editor button to add necessary blocks.
26 AprilAlice Sov

How to Configure the Order of Form Elements?

If a block provides an opportunity to insert several elements, you can order their showing up on a page. You need to “take” a needed field and drag it to the selected place - thus you can customize an order of elements depiction on a page.
24 AprilAlice Sov

GetCourse SEO Basics. How to Improve Search Engines Results?

Website pages created on the GetСourse constructor are indexed by search engines due to the settings of the platform itself. But you can further increase the ranking of your website in the search results.
19 AprilAlice Sov

How to Prepare and Conduct a Webinar?

Conducting a webinar is not only about speaking to an online audience and presenting your material in an interesting way. These are also organizational events, additional settings, and inviting participants to achieve maximum effect.
10 AprilAlice Sov

Graphic Funnel Panel (Dashboard)

The panel is a graphical representation of the funnel statistics, a beautiful visual report. In this format, graphs, tables and diagrams are available, which you can independently create and customize depending on the goals of the report.
3 AprilGetCourse Support

How to send mailings

On the GetCourse platform, it is possible to create automatic mailings - letters that are sent at a certain time or under a certain condition.
30 MarchAlice Sov

How to Create an Offer?

In order to create an offer, you need to go to the section “Sales” - “Products” - “Offers”
27 MarchGetCourse Support

Traffic. Groupings

Extended information about traffic types and how you can change the appearance of the traffic report.
23 MarchAlice Sov