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Personal User Chat

Administrators and managers can use the "Chat with user" function for individual communication with users of your account, and then conduct correspondence from the "Inbox" section. In this article we will consider how these messages are displayed by the user.
2 August 2022Liliya Masagutova

Dedicated IP-Address

It is possible to get a dedicated IP-address for your mailings in GetCourse. It allows not being dependent on your partners’ mailings, who use the same address as well as decreasing of a risk of letters falling to spam folder.
1 August 2022GetCourse Support

How to Delete Users in Bulk?

To delete users in bulk contact technical support team of GetCourse on behalf of account owner or administrator.
1 August 2022GetCourse Support

How to Prepare an Account for Mailing Activity?

In this article, you will find information on how to set up your account to be able to communicate with your users via e-mail without restrictions, conduct mailing lists, and how to prepare your account for setting up domain mail.
16 February 2022Liliya Masagutova

Webinars on GetCourse

Using GetCourse platform you can host webinars - live stream webinars in real time.
20 January 2022GetCourse Support

How to Attach a File or Video to a Mailing?

There is no way to attach a file to a letter. What can be done to get around this ban?
28 December 2021Liliya Masagutova

Domain mail on the GoDaddy service

In this article, we will explore how to set up domain mail on the GoDaddy service.
24 December 2021Valentina Dmitrieva

Account Settings. Settings

In the section “Account settings” - “Settings” you can specify account name, upload your account logo and the favicon for account, select the main language.
22 November 2021GetCourse Support

How to Perform Mailing by Unpaid Orders

Sometimes users place an order but do not make a payment. To increase sales efficiency on the GetCourse platform, you can create automatic mailings with a reminder of an incomplete order.
11 March 2021GetCourse Support

Blacklists for Domains and IP-Addresses

Blacklists are dedicated databases that contain information about IP-addresses and domains spotted in spam-mailings sending.
11 March 2021GetCourse Support