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Which Type of Verification Should I Choose?

You can choose the following options to entry a process and bulk task creation...
10 March 2021Liliya Masagutova

A Letter For Those Who Did Not Participate in the Webinar

Keep in touch with users who didn't attend your webinar.
10 March 2021Anna Andreeva

How to Set Up Your Own Payment Method?

In addition to the payment systems we offer, you can add your own payment methods by writing detailed payment instructions for users. The created methods will be visible to users when paying for the order.
10 March 2021GetCourse Support


You can create a general timer with the same period for all users (by indicating a total time for terminating) and a personal timer (by specifying a time for every user).
10 March 2021GetCourse Support

Logical Operators “AND”, “OR” and “NOT”

The article discusses situations of using logical operators: “AND”, “OR”, “NOT”.
10 March 2021Anna Andreeva

Setting Up Block Visibility on a Page

It is possible to show/hide blocks on same pages for different groups of users and different devices. A user will see a version of a page dedicated for him - it depends on settings.
4 March 2021GetCourse Support

How to Configure Custom Email Confirmation Letter?

After starting, the process will automatically check if new users have appeared that are suitable for the entry conditions, and send them an email with a link to confirm the email address.
4 March 2021GetCourse Support

Standard Block of Page Designer

The standard block is the base block in the GetCourse page builder. Depending on your tasks, a block may consist of various elements: text, image, button, etc.
4 March 2021GetCourse Support

How to Set Up Employee Notifications Through the Process?

There are cases when you need to send a notification to an employee about a specific event in an account. The block operation in the processes “Notify an employee” can help with this.
4 March 2021Liliya Masagutova


Contact form is one of the most important blocks of a builder, because users register in your project, subscribe for mailing, create orders with the help of this very block. In order to create a form on a page go to “Form” section and choose the needed form: regular form, form and column, button or ...
1 March 2021GetCourse Support