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How to Configure Custom Email Confirmation Letter?

After starting, the process will automatically check if new users have appeared that are suitable for the entry conditions, and send them an email with a link to confirm the email address.
4 March 2021GetCourse Support

Standard Block of Page Designer

The standard block is the base block in the GetCourse page builder. Depending on your tasks, a block may consist of various elements: text, image, button, etc.
4 March 2021GetCourse Support

How to Set Up Employee Notifications Through the Process?

There are cases when you need to send a notification to an employee about a specific event in an account. The block operation in the processes “Notify an employee” can help with this.
4 March 2021Liliya Masagutova


Contact form is one of the most important blocks of a builder, because users register in your project, subscribe for mailing, create orders with the help of this very block. In order to create a form on a page go to “Form” section and choose the needed form: regular form, form and column, button or ...
1 March 2021GetCourse Support

Actions with Users

Each user’s profile has an “Actions” button, with which you can perform a specific action with this user (for example, create an order or add to a group).
1 March 2021Alexey Makshin

How to Add Confirmation “I am not a robot” (CAPTCHA) to the Form?

You can add a confirmation “I'm not a robot” (CAPTCHA) in any of your registration or order forms. This feature will reduce the number of spam registrations. However, it will inevitably reduce conversion, so we don't recommend using it unnecessarily.
1 March 2021Anna Andreeva

Transitioning to Online Learning

Use GetCourse for quick and easy transition to online teaching.
1 March 2021Anna Andreeva

Preset User Segments

A segment is a dynamic selection of data. You can create user segments with the necessary conditions by yourself or use ready-made (preset) segments. Lets look at the preset segments and their conditions.
1 March 2021Anna Andreeva

How to Delete an Order?

An order that was created accidentally or for a test purpose can be transferred to the “False” status. This status essentially means deleting an order. This kind of order will not appear in the general list of orders and taken into account in sales statistics.
1 March 2021Anna Andreeva

How to Remove a User From a Group if He Has Been Added To It By Purchase?

To delete the user from the group you need to cancel the corresponding order
1 March 2021Anna Andreeva